APRES nouveau membre du HEAL

L’association APRES est devenue membre du HEAL (Alliance pour la santé et l’environnement)

Dear HEAL members,

I am delighted to inform you that the HEAL Executive Committee has accepted three new organizations as new provisionnal HEAL members.

-Association Promotion Recherche Environnement Santé publique (APRES)

Located in France, this association aims at promoting, researching and advocating for the environment and public health.

- Association de veille et d’information civique sur les enjeux des nanosciences et des nanotechnologies (AVICENN)

Also from France, Avicenn acts for more transparency and vigilance regarding engineered nano materials, through regulatory, mediatic, and scientific watch., and technical and advisory support to NGOs and public authorities on nano. Avicenn’s work has been instrumental in putting titanium dioxide high on the political agenda in France and in securing the suspension of its food additive form (E171) by the Government. HEAL is currently working closely with Avicenn in trying to convince European authorities to support and extend the French measure.


Coming from the Netherlands, their objective is to create a healthy environment without harmful substances for ourselves. In 2018, Tegengif worked with other partners to develop a wrist band with the Free University of Amsterdam to measure toxic chemicals. They launched a successful campaign with Dutch influencers, including entrepreneurs, MPs and radio DJs who wore the wristband and found out they had been exposed to a large variety of toxic chemicals in their everyday lives.

Formal approval is foreseen of the next Annual General Assembly.